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Think bo moistureproof solution is according to the actual circumstances of the different industries, different products, with desiccant

The best application as the core, to comprehensively consider the various factors of moistureproof and customer demand, to relevant standards

The basis, by the grace super technical department, if necessary (with research institutions experts) through scientific test

, the analysis and calculation, by improving the product packaging, selection of science of desiccant, desiccant dosage gauge

Calculate and provide on the integration of equipment and containers, methods of humidity indicator, test and inspection

Card, finally sure can completely meet the needs of customers of moisture-proof packaging solution.



Desiccant is effective to solve one of the best choice for customers products moistureproof, but a lot of customers in the use of dry

In the process of drying agent for moisture will encounter the following problems:

Never use but want to use the desiccant moisture

Still appear after using desiccant products be affected with damp be affected with damp

Desiccant use cost is too high

Unable to determine the reasonable dosage of desiccant

No professional desiccant procurement standards

Desiccant on the efficiency is too low

Container shipping pallet and packaging be affected with damp be affected with damp

After using desiccant have to increase product packaging size

No place put desiccant

Unable to determine the desiccant is valid

Moisture-proof packaging does not conform to international standards

The effect not beautiful when using desiccant moisture for a long time

... ...


We are based on the customer of the above problems, and combined with itself in the field of desiccant moisture application

Rich experience, through the formulation science moistureproof solutions, to ensure product storage transportation safety.

> moisture to endanger the safety of container transportation:


Today, the container transportation has become the most important international freight transportation way. Container is a relatively closed environment, in the ocean

High humidity, under the influence of climate and the larger temperature difference between day and night change lock during the day in the high temperature air of moisture-laden air inside the container, because in the night

Reduce moisture to super saturation temperature, water vapor condensation is condenses into water droplets, which is commonly known as "the container rain". "The container rain

"Is the long-distance transportation killer, it will make will make the goods be affected with damp be affected with damp, mildew or rust, lead to goods damaged or unusable.


> complete plan:

Container transportation is a complicated process, analysis and ask for container transport we will container may through the environment of the area,

The packing of goods and goods in the container are temperature and humidity, etc., with actual test temperature and humidity recorder,

Through proper experiment, analysis and calculation, we will provide effective economic solution. The final packaging solution will include desiccant

The dosage, usage, points for attention, blocking plate material and packing method. For the plan referred to in the product, we can give

Determination of procurement standards as a purchase.


For container transport moisture solution we provide documentation including:

Container transport situation analysis and preliminary experiment scheme

Dynamic testing temperature and humidity in the container

Dynamic temperature and humidity test report in the container

First experiment report

Final plan report

Desiccant procurement standards


> test standard and test tools:

Relevant standards:

Think bo enterprise standard WS - QW824-57 "standard of container desiccant products"

Advanced test instrument:

Test with a standard container

Temperature and humidity recorder

Resistance to water pressure tester

Moisture tester

Drop tester

Programmable constant temperature and humidity box