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1. What is the desiccant?

Desiccant is a clearing agent absorbs moisture from the atmosphere, its principle is to ship by physical adsorption of water molecules in the own structure or chemically absorbing water molecules and change its chemical structure, become another kind of material.

2. A desiccant is often used in life there?

In our daily life are often used in the food packaging bags, new buy shoes, will be found to have a logo which can't eat small bag. The small bag is filled with desiccant. The desiccant can be widely used in chemical, food, medicine, textile, biological and other industries.

The principle of the desiccant is what?

Desiccant is a clearing agent absorbs moisture from the atmosphere, its principle is to ship by physical adsorption of water molecules in the own structure or chemically absorbing water molecules and change its chemical structure, become another kind of material.

The typical desiccant application, for example

How to use the moistureproof beads save the pictures

Everyone will find color photographs will fade after a period of time, what is the reason why make it fade? Temperature is one of main reasons.

In the United States institute of William image through the research conclusion, do good photo print process, 24 degrees Celsius under the condition of room temperature, colour will shed 10 every after eight years. If under the condition of 7 perturbation Fahrenheit, color shed 10 after 75; Under the condition of temperature to 2 degrees Celsius, the color faded 10 after 160; Under the condition of temperature - 18 degrees Celsius, the color faded 10 should pass in 2700. Not only color image, color, color slide film, color film, black and white film, black and white slides, black and white film, black and white pictures, audio and video tapes, VCD, CD, DVD, computer disks, and all paper documents can be in temperature is 20-30-18 degrees Celsius, save at least several thousand years of relative humidity conditions.

Used in the United States - 18 degrees Celsius temperature technology of preservation of cultural heritage with John? John f. Kennedy library. President Kennedy period color film into the social and cultural life, color film is very unstable, color fades very quickly, when these color film into the repository at low temperature has lost more than ten colors. In addition to save a lot of photo film library refrigerated warehouse at present, and saved more than 6000 rolls of film. The national aeronautics and space administration (NASA) built their own storage refrigerator. China film archive, construction of the refrigerated warehouses in the 1970 s, and then built a more than 4000 square meters of refrigerated warehouses, refrigerated warehouse xinhua archives have their own photos and negatives, holds more than 1 million photo information. In 1985, a former filmmaker Dai Wei? Waxman in bollywood private investment in the construction of the culture of a large collection of save the refrigerator, the refrigerator in addition to being able to control the temperature and relative humidity, also installed air filtration system and automatic fire extinguishing system. Oriented films, television, audio-visual company, music company, archives and museum provide rental services. The cold storage temperature for 7 degrees, relative humidity under the condition of 25 2400 boxes of cabinet space, rent to pay $1550. Rent under the condition of 18 degrees Celsius, relative temperature 25 save the space of 120 rolls of film, the monthly rent to pay $550.

Using a digital technology will make CD forever is workable? One, the current technology to digital means to what extent they could clear far below the raw data. Second, the use of it has changed. Three, to store image data into digital workload, and it is impossible to finish. Four, high production cost and time.

What ordinary people if you want to long-term preservation film phase materials can take "ordinary refrigerator, desiccant and polyethylene plastic bags sealing" way.

Desiccant common question:

What is a desiccant and its moisture absorption principle is what?

A: desiccant is a clearing agent absorbs moisture from the atmosphere, its principle is to ship by physical adsorption of water molecules in the own structure or chemically absorbing water molecules and change its chemical structure, become another kind of material.

Q: what are the main kinds of desiccant?

A: at present there are mainly five kinds of typical desiccant in desiccant industry products:

1) silica, silica gel desiccant - main component is composed of natural mineral purified processing of granular or bead. As a desiccant, its microporous structure (an average of 2 a. Have good affinity to water molecules. Silica gel is the most suitable moisture environment for room temperature (20 ~ 32), high humidity (60 ~ 90%), it can reduce the environmental relative humidity to 40% or so.

2) clay desiccant (montmorillonite) - for the grey ball shape and optimum moisture absorption under 50 ℃ environment. When the temperature above 50 ℃, the degree of "water" clay was greater than the degree of "water". The advantage of cheap but clay.

3) molecular sieve desiccants - it is a synthetic and strong adsorption of water molecules of desiccant products. Molecular sieve aperture size can be different to control the machining process, in addition to the moisture adsorption, it can also be other gas adsorption. Under the condition of the high temperature of 230 ℃ above, still can be a very good hold water molecules. Advantages: strong adaptability. Disadvantages: low moisture absorption rate, poor environmental (non-biodegradable).

4) mineral desiccant - corporation mineral desiccant is composed of several kinds of natural minerals, appearance is grey ball. It is non-toxic harmless, biodegradable and environmentally friendly desiccant. Moisture absorption rate is above 50%, twice as much as the ordinary silica gel.

5) fiber desiccant - desiccant corporation fiber is made of pure natural plant fiber by special techniques. Among them, especially the effect of fiber desiccant, convenient and practical, do not take up space. Its moisture absorption capacity of 100% of its weight, is unmatched by ordinary desiccant. In addition, the product safety and health, price moderate, is the choice of many biological, health foods and drugs.

Q: what are the main packing material dryer?

Answer: common desiccant packaging material at home and abroad mainly divided into: domestic ventilation (filter paper) paper, non-woven fabrics, composite paper, textured paper, and the United States dupont Tyvek (Tyvek).

Filter paper can be used for small specifications of the silica gel desiccant packaging, used in packaging montmorillonite insufficient strength and easy leakage powder, permeability is good; Composite paper permeability is low, resulting in slow moisture absorption, is generally not suitable for electronic products moistureproof package; Have a certain strength non-woven fabric, has good air permeability, but used to wrap montmorillonite, easy leakage powder; Checkered paper good permeability, high strength, good dustproof, wide applicability, prices higher than ordinary composite paper, but far is far lower than the dupont paper, is the ideal choice for high-grade packaging material; Tyvek (Tyvek) is an ideal material, can be used for a variety of desiccant packaging has high strength, folding resistance, tear resistance, antistatic, permeability is good features, but also has excellent weather resistance and chemical resistance, clean design, used for packaging desiccant, has good air permeability, and have enough strength and beautiful printing effect, the only drawback is the high price.

Q: how to determine the amount of desiccant?

Answer: the dosage of the desiccant depends on many factors: the size of the drying room, the performance of the packaging materials, packaging materials storage environment, seal when the atmospheric conditions, the shelf life of packaged goods, packing seal degree and so on. When we design desiccant dosage for the customer, we need to understand the above situation to make the best answer.

Q: what is the degree of saturation, what is the equilibrium capacity?

A: though they are two concepts, but in view of the desiccant, from practice sense means not hygroscopic. Saturation refers to the desiccant has full absorption, even if there is no amount of moisture, it could not be adsorbed. Balance capacity refers to the desiccants absorb enough moisture from the air, make the atmosphere's ability to hold moisture over the desiccant adsorption capacity of moisture. At this point, add more desiccant will not reduce the relative humidity of the environment.

Q: a unit (unit) the desiccant to point to?

A: the desiccant adsorption unit commonly used abroad. On the basis of the desiccant adsorption capacity: a "unit" of the balance of the desiccant at 25 ℃ temperature (RH = 20%) under the condition that can absorb moisture a "unit" 3.00 g of the balance of the desiccant at 25 ℃ temperature (RH = 40%) under the condition that can absorb moisture exactly 6.00 g, a "unit" montmorillonite desiccant equivalent to 33 grams, a "unit" silica gel desiccant and molecular sieve is equivalent to 28 grams, a "unit" desiccant equivalent of 18 g corporation is fiber.

Q: eating desiccant?

A: that is commonly used in food desiccant is calcium and silica gel. Calcium oxide is what we usually call quick lime, also has a strong function of absorb the moisture in the air. After absorbing water into powdered calcium hydroxide, which is known as the slaked lime. If eating this kind of desiccant, because of the calcium oxide in water into calcium hydroxide in the process of the release quantity of heat, burn the mouth or esophagus. At the same time, the calcium hydroxide alkaline, matchmaking pharynx, esophagus, corrosive, such as splash the eyes can cause conjunctiva and corneal damage of injury.

To eat this kind of desiccant, must not vomiting, immediately oral milk or water, take 120 ~ 240 ml, general adult children generally taken per kilogram of body weight 10 ml, but amount to less than 200 ml, because of too much drinking water to induce vomiting.

If the eyes have a desiccant, as soon as possible with water, saline solution from nasal side ear side wash, rinse for at least 15 minutes, and then sent to the hospital.

Silica gel is another common desiccant, colour and lustre is shape is beautiful, often children eating or be used as a condiment to eat. Silica gel was not absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, by faeces, no toxicity to human body. One does not need to do special processing after the desiccant. Calcium chloride are often used as a desiccant, anhydrous conditions for white crystal, water absorption performance is strong, after absorbing water into liquid. After contact is similar to calcium oxide processing.