Product description: dry containers (teus) the special ocean transportation, strong moisture absorption, the effect for a long time, as long as the container put a certain amount of dry bags (article), can effectively prevent the ocean transit, as a result of temperature, humidity change condensation in the container and the damage to the goods, such as carton appeared with particular affect appearance or directly damage the outer packing, and even affect the quality of the product such as the metal parts corrosion or the label falls off. Container desiccant is internal effective calcium chloride is used as the raw material moisture absorption carrier, calcium chloride can effectively the moisture absorption of 300% of its weight in water, using DRCELL technology, completely locks in moisture, every drop is absorbed moisture were converted to gel, and not a liquid, so no pollution, can effectively reduce the container internal humidity, faster and more complete absorption, all-round absorption of moisture.


The safety performance of container dry sticks

Main ingredients: calcium chloride, starch.

Article think bo efficient container dry raw materials adopt environmental protection, non-toxic materials, excluding DMF, one-time use, comply with all international import and export standards.

Usage: when the goods shipped from cold or mild climate to the tropics, or when the season exchange temperature difference between day and night change. When the moisture in the air and water will be the condensate is formed on the surface or the packaging of goods, use dry rods can be actively absorb the moisture in the air effectively maintain warehouse, container, dry to avoid the goods damaged in the basement. Used for container of moisture, moisture absorption performance is good, can more effectively control the water vapor condensation in the cabinet. The main raw materials adopt CaCI2, using environmental protection non-woven packaging. Safety, environmental protection, high efficiency. Scope of application: suitable for all kinds product of container transportation, such as: mechanical and electrical products, bulk grain, canned food, leather, textiles, chemical raw materials, pet food, etc

The core characteristics and advantages

1, the moisture absorption rate can reach its own 300% of the total

2, strong moisture absorption, no leakage.

3, completely after moisture absorption, not to evaporate.

4, can be in - 5 ° C to 90 ° C under the environment of use.

Environmental non-toxic, after the relevant agency certification (RoHS, REACH, DMFfree) certification


Container dry rods use guide

1 container internal breather hole sealed.

Article 2 drying out of the packaging carton.

Article 3 open the dry bag.

Article 4 will dry hanging on the inner wall of the container.

5 after dry sticks into the container, please load the goods as soon as possible in the box.

Please close the container door immediately after 6 installed.


Container desiccant dosage calculation


DS - 1000 - g usage

Article 8:20 foot container recommended

Article 16 the 40 foot container: recommended

Article 18 the 40 feet tall ark: recommended


DS - 1400 - g usage

Article 20 foot container: 4

Article 40 foot container: 8

Article 40 feet tall ark: 10