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How to play the role of desiccant drying?

发表时间:2015-05-11 11:06:01

Desiccant is a clearing agent absorbs moisture from the atmosphere, its principle is to ship by physical adsorption of water molecules in the own structure or chemically absorbing water molecules and change its chemical structure, become another kind of material.

Currently there are mainly three kinds of typical desiccant in desiccant industry products:


 silica gel desiccant - main composition is sio2, processed by natural mineral purified granular or bead. As a desiccant, its microporous structure (an average of 2 a. Have good affinity to water molecules. Silica gel is the most suitable moisture environment for room temperature (20 ~ 32), high humidity (60 ~ 90%), it can reduce the environmental relative humidity to 40% or so.


 clay desiccant (montmorillonite) - for the grey ball shape and optimum moisture absorption under 50 ℃ environment. When the temperature above 50 ℃, the degree of "water" clay was greater than the degree of "water". The advantage of cheap but clay.


 molecular sieve desiccants - it is a synthetic and strong adsorption of water molecules of desiccant products. Molecular sieve aperture size can be different to control the machining process, in addition to the moisture adsorption, it can also be other gas adsorption. Under the condition of the high temperature of 230 ℃ above, still can be a very good hold water molecules. Advantages: strong adaptability. Disadvantages: low moisture absorption rate, poor environmental (non-biodegradable).