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What is  SISUOBO anti-moisture solution?

 AbsorbKing anti-moisture solution refers to the practice of providing dispensing equipment and integrated container, providing humidity indication and other methods, coupled with testing verification, before finally determining the moisture proof packaging solution capable of fully meeting the customer’s needs by taking into account actual conditions in different industries, and different products, adopting the best application of desiccant as the core, giving overall consideration to various factors in the customer’s anti-moisture needs, based on relevant standards, making scientific testing, analysis and calculation by Wisepac technical departments (if necessary jointly with experts from scientific research institutions) through scientific testing, analysis and calculation, through improving product packaging, scientific desiccant type selection, and desiccant usage calculation.

What problems will  Si Suobo moisture proof solution resolve?

Desiccant is one of the best options to effectively resolve the anti-moisture issue of customer products, however, many customers will encounter the following problems when using desiccant for moisture prevention:
 Never have used but wish to use desiccant to prevent moisture
 Product moisture still exists after using desiccant
 Excessively high cost of desiccant usage
 Having no way to determine the reasonable usage of desiccant
 No professional desiccant procurement standard
 Too low dispensing efficiency of the desiccant
 The pallet and exterior packaging are subject to moisture invasion during container ocean transport
 Having to increase product packaging dimension after using desiccant
  No suitable place to place desiccant
 Unable to determine the effectiveness of desiccant
 The moisture proof packaging does not conform to international standard
 Poor effect of using desiccant for long term moisture prevention