Company name:shenzhen si suobo desiccant ltd.

Address:Shenzhen Baoan District City manhole town Star Building 611

Zip code:518104



Enterprise cultural concept: 
. Enterprise Principle: Grow up together and share the success.
. We and our staff are growing up together to realize the pursuit of careers to affirm and surpass the egos – to create opportunities for the staff.
. We and our customers grow up together and share the joy brought by the capital gain with our customers – to create value for our customers.
Cooperation partners: 
. We grow up and share the resource together. We supplement our advantages and disadvantages and unite to build up brilliance.
. We grow up with the community and promote the economic growth of our country. We invigorate the national technological advance – to create benefits for the community.
Enterprise spirit: 
. Creativity, practicability, respect and high efficiency.
. Innovation is the soul of the company and is the eternal momentum behind career development.
. We always tell the truth, make practical maneuvers, do practical work to achieve the best effect.
Business directive:
. With market as the orientation, products and sale as the leader, brand and service as support, technological research as the basis
Management module:
. We regard people as the center. Our staff is the master of the company and work is for the joint growth of the company and the individuals. At the same time, better work is also a realization of our own values.
. We shall comprehensively assess our staff from the perspectives of business performance as the direction, from conduct, capability to efficiency.
. We focus on systematic, programmable and regulated construction.
. We emphasize resource integration, including technological resources, market resources and human resources.
. We adopt efficiency and satisfaction principles.
The view of talents of us:
. All staff of the us is talented, irrespective of academic history, age.
. Those who can promote the development of us, capable of creating enterprise benefits, and regard us as their own careers are the treasures and wealth of us.
. Talent promotes the development of us, and corporate development will provide wider space and better conditions for the development of our staff.
. With the common corporate target and overall image as the precedent, the company advocates personalized development.
. We promote interesting jobs, colleagues with common interest, healthy bodies, open mind and optimistic aspiration.
The human resources management of the us:
. Mission: To build up a learning type of organization and provide a stage for those who wish to become capable talent.
. Analysis of jobs, appraisal and salary
. Capability module and performance management
. Core team management and education
. The human resources demand and recruitment strategy
. Attract and encourage outstanding talents to demonstrate their potential is the key to the continual development of us.
. Adapt swiftly to changes is the objective requirements of the cyber age. Only through persistent learning and continual upgrading of capability can we keep pace with the modern development.
The conduct principles of us:
. Be earnest and respectful
. Emphasize on ethics and observance of laws
. Effective communication and cooperative understanding 
. Proactive coordination and team spirit
. Resolve problems and be brave in making decisions
. Continual innovation and to accept responsibility
. Be practical and respect your job.
. Emphasize self-management and professional ethics.
. Customer is the first and quality is the principle
. Enhance performance and save cost.
. Be aggressive and develop yourself. 
. The cooperation concept: Teamwork is first to take care of the primary and secondary needs.
Management concept: Cultural trading and systematic control
Personal concept: Honesty, diligence and thriftiness
Learning and growth concept: depending on base, learning quickly, sharpening target and growing fast.
Business operation concept: promotion of project management system
Partnership concept: Orientation of thinking and best service.