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1, container desiccant definition:
Container ocean shipping or storage, a huge sea DIF, so during the day locked in a freight container of water-rich air of high temperature air at night due to the lower water temperature reaches a supersaturated gas, marine containers tend to experience hot weather and strong The diurnal temperature changes, temperature changes will be between 0 ℃ -80 ℃, humidity will be as high as 98%, which is the condensation phenomenon. When the temperature is 30 ℃, the air moisture content 30.4g / m3, when the temperature decreases from 30 ℃ to 18 ℃, the water vapor content will be reduced to 15.4 g / m3. Other water vapor condenses into water, which is commonly known as the "container rain", will pack the goods in very negative impact on the image, so the need to put a certain amount of desiccant solution.

2, the use of desiccant steps:
(1) Container inspection: inspect containers for damage, such as the walls of the container, top, bottom whether holes or cracks.
(2) Check container wooden floor moisture level: If possible, do not use wood moisture values ​​over 20% of the container, it will increase the risk of damp, if not change, you need to tank the water content in the original proposal amounts increase the number of desiccant to ensure cargo security. Note: Do not use wood humidity over 25% of the container.
(3) to seal all holes.
(4) The drying agent is removed from the sealed plastic sheath.
(5) the desiccant container hanging on the wall in the insurance hook and tape affixed to the lower end of the inner wall of the desiccant.
(6) Close the container door.
If you have no gaps can be placed desiccant, we can dry and stick / dry pack / drying bag / cross on the goods, but will make hanging desiccant desiccant moisture in the container reaches a range between the container wall and goods maximum, and because parts of the desiccant and moisture-absorbent, will increase the size of the bag after drying moisture they need adequate space, so the object can not be placed in the desiccant drying package oppression.