Company name:shenzhen si suobo desiccant ltd.

Address:Shenzhen Baoan District City manhole town Star Building 611

Zip code:518104



Si suobo was established in 2007 with our factory in Shenzhen China, 
our factory produced 1 million dessicant units a year which were distributed 
to worldwide.
we are leading innovator in desiccant production:
Our laboratories conduct extensive research to create the desiccants of 
We build on our unrivalled experience through analysis and testing to
understand condensation, sweating and moisture problem in containers.
Our expertise and passion drives us to create solutions to best protect
your cargo.
We provide solutions and services for virtually every industry:
Agriculture products: coffee, tea, rice, flour, corn, etc 
Automotive industry CKD,s parts etc. 
Department stores merchandise. 
Electrical/electronic goods: home or industrial, appliances, 
cables, toys, etc. 
Food and Beverage: 
Leather goods: footwear, bags, garments, furniture, etc. 
Logistic household goods etc. 
Glass and glass products 
Metal products: steel sheets, coils, machinery,  
fasteners,aluminium and copper products, etc. 
Paper and paper products 
Textiles: garments, piece goods, carpets etc 
Tobacco and tobacco products 
Wooden products: furniture, mouldings, timber, wood pulp.
Perfection is our goal.
Si suobo all products are environmentally